Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Observation Worth Saving and Sharing.....

I thought the following statement was very appropriate in light of today's challenges, and remarkably passionate and sincere. So I am saving it here for all to share. Thanks "Grillednutria". (This comes from an on-going discussion here:

Message #20307/26/08 09:03 PM
For as long as I have trolled this lonely internet outpost it has been my view that the premise of catastrophic climate change is a gimmick led by the few and followed by many, to foment a cultural change through a fear response. While I strongly advocate both conservation and protection of the environment, I am repulsed by those who attempt to elicit such change under false premises. Even if their cause is a just one of conservation and environmentalism they have tarnished it by assuming that our culture is unable or unwilling to respond to anything less than a percieved crisis. Al Gore has said that he believes this in almost so many words.

This is an insult to all of us and a free people will not stand for such condescention, particularly from a failed politician. The myth of Global Warming has distracted us for too long from some very serious problems based primarily in todays energy based economy.
Fear incites panic, and panic kills.

If this habit of creating crisis in order to motivate political action does not soon cease, we will likely drown due to a self fulfilling panic while less than an arms length from safety. The rest of the world could go down with us, so we all have a tremendous responsibility here.
Energy is todays gold economic standard. Interest rates are no longer a practical means of throttling the economy. Tweaking of interest rates has very little effect any more. It is time that we bring today's real economic driver under control by finding domestic energy and by conserving it. There is plenty of it here to support the current and projected human population for many generations to come if we use our technology wisely.

Calm, rational thought will result in the continued progress of our nation and our civilization toward more peaceful and enjoyable lives for us and for future generations.
We need to quit playing around and get back to work.

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