Friday, December 19, 2008

The Causes Of Global Warming: What Do We Really Know

The following article expresses the opinion of two professional geologists on what are truly the causes of global warming. I think it represents the opinion of most geologists, (certainly everyone I know). The truth is being drowned out by the political and social motives of those people who are (sadly) gaining more power than ever. Read the article and let's hear what you think.

Causes of Global Warming, Are We Certain? (.pdf) November 28, 2007 The Professional Geologist
The November/December, 2007 issue of The Professional Geologist has contains an article titled “Causes of Global Warming, Are We Certain?” by Robert G. Corbett and Gary Dannemiller. Found on pages 12 through 15 it contains a contrarian perspective on the idea that burning fossil fuels makes significant contributions to global warming.

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