Sunday, January 13, 2008

Climate Carpet Baggers....More.......

Regarding a previous post about the organization called Center For Climate Strategies (CCS), a group who influences our State lawmakers, here is a response from one of our more intelligent observers:

Hi Peter,
I was reading the post on your new blog about 'ClimateCarpetbaggers' and did a little further research on CCS. I gotta tell ya, if I were ever in the market for a diabolical plan to manipulate the masses, I'd definitely borrow a few pointers from these guys. What better way to defraud people than to make them practically beg to be screwed. Convince people they're in imminent danger and be ready with a plan of salvation. And with a willing, though perhaps sometimes unwitting, accomplice in the sensationalized media, how can you go wrong? No recriminations.

Of course you have to remove all mention of 'doubt'; simply don't acknowledge any hint of skepticism and it doesn't exist. Minimizing the amount of opposition in this manner is the best way to help lure politicians who have a natural instinct to protect their own ass. And it's so much simpler to implement worthless policies which require sacrifice and economic loss when people believe it's inevitable. Hell, these guys are so good they actually have people protesting and demanding to be f*** over. It's pretty ingenious.

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