Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Truth? Antarctic Ice Growing.....

Composite satellite image of Antarctica. It's 5.4 million square miles make it the Earth's 5th largest continent. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by an ice sheet (glacier) at least 1 kilometer thick.

Glaciers always melt around their edges during the summer, making for dramatic videos of big splashes as the glaciers "calve" off pieces into the sea. People "oohhhh and ahhhh".......and say, "see? proof of global warming". The truth is, more more snow is being added than lost. It seems the Antarctic glaciers are growing...not shrinking.

Jan 22, 2008
Antarctica Snowfall Increase
World Climate Report
The ice caps hold a special place in the cold hearts of the global warming advocates who are all too quick to insist that our ice caps are currently melting at an unprecedented rate. We suspect that they will not be particularly thrilled to learn that a paper has just appeared in Geophysical Research Letters entitled “A doubling in snow accumulation in the western Antarctic Peninsula since 1850.” The article is by scientists with the British Antarctic Survey and the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada; the work was funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council and the U.S. National Science Foundation. In case you think that the Desert Research Institute in Nevada would have little interest in Antarctica, recall from geography classes you’ve had that Antarctica receives little precipitation and is regarded by climatologists as a frozen desert.

So while we’ve heard recent reports about Antarctica losing ice, here we again find evidence to the contrary, and then some, at least in these locations. Not only is there no evidence of melting at the Gomez site, snow is accumulating there at an amazingly high rate. Clearly, this paper adds to the evidence that suggests that we simply, as of yet, do not have a firm grasp on the climate changes and their drivers that are effecting Antarctica, past, present, or, much less, future.

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