Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seeking The Truth About Global Warming/Climate Change

For everyone seeking the truth about global warming and or climate change, this is a must read.

The Fatal Implosion Of The Man-Caused Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax

Hopefully the myth of man-caused global warming/climate change will die a quick death now that is being exposed as the complete hoax that it has always been. It won't be painless, and many proponents of the myth and Al Gore true believers will continue to resist in their ignorance. After all, they're desperately trying to protect their livelihoods, all that taxpayer money they've grown fat on. I know this to be true because I get to read the comments here from the delusional Internet trolls who launch personal attacks on anyone who dares question the status quo. It would be funny if it weren't so serious. I don't think the waste of Billions of taxpayer dollars is the least bit humorous, even if Al Gore is a laughable joke.

It will never cease to amaze me how many people mindlessly follow the herd, or the "consensus", or those who are content to "appeal to authority". Are they afraid of the truth, or are they just lazy? They certainly surrender any kind of liberty gained by independent thought.

So I'm publishing the following very well written and researched article in it's entirety, with comments by me in parentheses and italics. Give credit to Peter Ferrara the author. He sums up the current status of the global warming/hoax I have been blogging about for years now.

'Fakegate' Follows 'Climategate'

By Peter Ferrara

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