Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thomas Friedman: The Polar Opposite Of Truth

Thomas Friedman, the prolific writer for the New York Times is hypocritical to say the least.  If you have a strong stomach and gag reflex, read his latest editorial  where he lectures us about how we must reduce our energy use and obviously lower our standard of living, THEN LOOK AT HIS HOUSE!!!!   This is reminiscent of Al Gore, John Kerry and their many mansions.  Does the mainstream media mention these obvious truths?  No.  And The New York Times wonders why their readership is declining?

This Is Literally Thomas Friedman’s House, how can this "progressive"  look himself in the mirror?
Literally. Seriously. He seriously lives here. Honestly. If you were this free from Want, wouldn’t you be writing the same fantasy ******** too? (No.) [Balloon Juice]

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