Thursday, March 8, 2012

To Andrew Breitbart, Seeker Of Truth

I didn't personally know Andrew Breitbart but I respect his spirit.  We need more people like him, cultural warriors.  The following article is heartfelt and very good.  My comments are italicized.

My Friend, Andrew Breitbart

By Ben Shapiro


I recently became editor-at-large of Andrew Breitbart's empire, but I first met Andrew when he was still the unnamed other half of Matt Drudge's monster website. The year was 2001. I'd just entered college at UCLA, and after seeing the anti-Israel bias of the student newspaper, The Daily Bruin, I had become their token conservative columnist. My specialty was throwing bombs. The reaction to my pieces was absolutely unanimous: The liberals on campus hated them.

One day, I opened my email to find a missive from some guy named Andrew. No last name attached. It said that he worked with Matt Drudge. It also said he'd been sitting in a Westwood restaurant with nothing to read and picked up a copy of the Daily Bruin. He'd read my column, and he wanted to get together.
"Hell yes," I thought and told him so.  (Continued.....entire article here:)

(The following are some excerpts I found significant.  Peter)

"Andrew was also a warrior, of course. Now that he's gone, people will characterize him as angry, which he was but only at injustice."
(By definition, my definition anyway, those seeking the truth must always, first and foremost, battle injustice.  Injustice is based on lies, usually intentional.  Injustice can be overcome, but the underlying evil behind it, can never nor should it be forgiven.  Honesty and fairness is the basis for all peaceful and productive human interaction; without it we really have nothing more than animal instinct.  Andrew Breitbart seems to have understood that and his mission in life was to expose injustice wherever he found it.  We will all miss that spirit and talent.  Peter)

"Everybody got along with him. He surrounded himself with people you'd never expect -- Orthodox Jews and liberal agnostics, libertarians and social conservatives, goofballs and the most serious of the serious. He liked everybody, and everybody liked him."
(Conservatives are usually characterized by their opponents in the liberal medial as being narrow minded bigots; Andrew was by all accounts just the opposite.  The irony is that it is "liberals" who most often display close-mindedness, bigotry, and hatred, athough they are lax to admit it.  We see this on a daily basis in the mainstream media.  The hypocrisy is palpable.  Peter)

"Andrew wasn't religious, but he believed deeply in the moral fabric of the nation. He knew the value of the American system of government and thought, and he would not stop fighting for it. Most of all, Andrew loved truth. He hated falsity, whether interpersonal or journalistic or political. He hated hypocrisy and couldn't stand two-faced politicians (as Anthony Weiner can attest). He was not a manipulator. He was unwaveringly honest, sometimes to his own detriment. He loved culture and hated ignorance."  (We are all Americans.  We have a rich and invaluable heritage, not perfect of course, but worth expanding upon the good.  The jealosy, envy, class warfare, and hatred being used to divide this country purely for reasons of obtaining or maintaining political power, hurt and pain me deeply.  Peter)

Thank you for your personal stories Mr. Shapiro.

"When my father heard about his death, he wrote me, "You know how I always say that when someone vivid dies some light goes out of the world?"
( A light has definitely gone out of the world with the passing of Andrew Breitbart.  Peter)

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